Groceries are under the pump during lockdown

With lockdowns widespread across many cities in Australia, there is strong demand for home delivered groceries with people unable to leave home or hesitant to leave with the coronavirus around.

This massive demand has meant that supermarkets like Woolworths and Coles are being pushed to the brink with hundreds of thousands of orders every week. The demand has seen delivery windows disappearing and deliveries unavailable.

Woolworths has been hit hard with their distribution centres at capacity for the last couple of weeks trying to keep up with their order volumes. Dealing with the high number of orders has not been easy for Woolworths or customers with customers reporting some deliveries have not shown up, some are late and others are missing products.

Woolworths has tried to deal with the workload by subcontracting taxis to help with deliveries. A partnership was formed with 13CABS last year to use them as couriers and this has helped taxi drivers who have suffered from a lack of customers.

Woolworths has stated that it is doing it’s best to meet demand, but it has focused on ensuring it’s vulnerable customers on it’s priority assistance service are accommodated.

Coles have a similar situation and are doing their best to increase it’s online capacity, organising more delivery drivers and shoppers to pick and pack orders.

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